Monday, July 9, 2007

foiled again

I think I'm going to change the name of this blog to Autism Sucks. I spent all morning at my son's preschool trying to get him into some extra classes because since he's been out of school he's started pooping his pants again. Yah.. fun huh? There have been other regressions too, but this is the most worrisome and by far the most disgusting. Poor kid. He works so hard and tries so hard and he just doesn't understand half of the things we're trying to teach him. On the other hand he's only just turned four and already starting to read. Ugh. Autism sucks. It's like having a kid with a big spin the wheel game with all kinds of random possible outcomes. Anyway.. there was "no room at the inn". His special ed teacher couldn't even help me squeeze him in for more than just three days with some older kids which really really didn't sound like fun for him. I checked at the school across the street and they have two weeks open so I"m going to take him and his little sister there. At this point it seems like the best I can do. Hopefully having him back in a seriously structured environment out of the home will help him reorganize and in the mean time I can organize myself a little bit better. I hate having to juggle kids all over the place. I hate driving them all over the place and I hate not knowing what my child needs to make him happy and comfortable. There are way too many days when I feel like a failure as a mother.

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