Sunday, August 29, 2010


I really and truly never thought I'd say that I was happy to see summer go. It's my favorite season of the year. I love the hot weather, I love the beach, I love the wild jungle my yard turns into. I love gardening and slathering on sunscreen. I love having dark brown toes with shiny red nails. It's all just so - warm! And I'm generally cold. Ask my husband. He is my mobile heat unit.

But this summer, while it has been warm... scratch that. It's been hotter than blue hell, has been a bit of a disappointment. I have to admit that. The spring was heavenly, winter was very productive and cozy, but summer. Ugh. I guess my hopes were too high. Which brings me to two different trains of thought.

A) If you don't let your expectations get too high, you will never be disappointed.
B) If you don't aim for the moon and miss you can't really say that you've lived.

I think that the best of life is found in a steady balancing act somewhere in between the two. I'm not like Einstein (please hold all snarky comments). I can't take rejection and disappointment on top of each other in a never ending parade. I need a little success in there. I need a little boost! And while we had some rocky bits this summer, I'm glad we shot for the moon, even though we missed. Here are the juicy little tid bits that made me not give up on my favorite season altogether...

  • Watching my kids play at the beach, even in horrible weather.
  • Eating the five or so tomatoes I grew (out of about 15 plants) right off the bush and squishing the juice all over myself like a crazy monkey.
  • Spending my 9th anniversary with the love of my life at a table for over 45 min with no food and a lot of lame excuses from the restaurant. Laughing and talking about how different our life is now.
  • Mockingjay
  • My zinnias and lavender that knew I needed something beautiful to look at and smell
  • Rediscovering good friends I had taken for granted
  • The poor little sweaty chickens - don't worry girls, cool weathers on the way!
  • Doughnuts

I learned something very valuable this summer. It was worth sacrificing the majority of my favorite season for. Life's trials can be difficult, but they are, without a doubt, an opportunity and a blessing. Trials give us a chance to change ourselves, to grow, to overcome, to expand our depth of feeling and empathy. They give us a new outlook on life. They help us to not take so many things for granted. I'm grateful for my trials and the fact that they bring me closer to my family and to God.


I absolutely cannot end on a serious note like that. So what did the rabbi say to the priest? you tell me :)