Saturday, November 8, 2008

Catching up...

I've caught a lot of flack from folks for not updating my blog. Honestly, I'm not a blogger. But I love those who give me flack and don't ever let it be said by anyone that I didn't give into peer pressure.

So this is my gorgeous little Maggie posing for her morning shot with the waffle.

And this is Maggie as a Kangaroo and her best friend Molly who just shed her Piglet costume. They love fighting over the slide.

This is a picture from our hotel room at Carolina Beach. I've got a thing for sunrise on the ocean and shrimp boats. Don't know if it's a Forrest Gump thing or just the riggin's on the horizon? Or maybe just a fetish?

This is Maggie and Molly playing a duet.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

mother's day photo

kids are so fun. I was hoping to get a nice shot of the three of them for mother's day to frame for the grandmas and this is the only one I got worth framing. Shows the true nature of things around our house. Maggie is only happy when she has conquered. (How do you spell that?) Still only have one hand.. sorry this is short.
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

on chopping bushes

One should not attempt to prune shrubberies with power tools while reasoning with a four year old, mentally planning dinner and hurrying to rescue baby from crib jail. One might inadvertently chop one's fingers off.

Ok.. so I didn't chop them off, but it felt like I did. Healing nicely now although I still can't type very well. Gone are the 90 words a min days. At least for now.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I can't beleive how gorgeous my yard is right now. We're finally in our new house. It's always such a thrill to spend spring in a new place. You never know what's going to pop up where! I spent the morning taking pictures of the flowers around the yard and the kids. They really love it here and spend hours outside exploring and playing. They finally have a "fort" of their own and a forest to boot. We call it the "14 acre woods" I guess a giant inflatable pooh and tigur are in order for Christmas back there :)

I miss my friends from Indiana, but as is the case every time we move, I've sort of filed them back in the file of great people I know around the country. It seems funny. There are folks that I have met who no matter where we live we might as well be neighbors. They make good use of the phone and internet and stop by when they are in town. I'm discovering that Indianans aren't quite that type. It was so hard breaking into the social circles there and make friends, and now that I've left the geographic location, I'm out of the circle once again. Oh well. At least if I'm ever stuck there again I'll know nice people to stop and say Howdy to eh?