Sunday, June 20, 2010

Off to the Beaches!

It's that time of year! When it starts to get hot and sticky in Raleigh. When the kids start to whine uncontrollably. When my house begins to feel like a rat trap and I can't do anything outside without sweating to death. Including a 5am run. It's the running that really flips my trigger. I can run in sleet, snow, rain, hail and hurricanes, but 90 degree heat and 85% humidity? At 5:30 am? Forget it. It's time to hit the beach!

We've already tried a couple of beach trips this year. We had a quick trip to Myrtle with my brother's and their families. That was just a touch too cold and windy for my tastes. Then we hit Florida with Dan's family. Again.. the day we picked was just too windy. You can't really enjoy yourself with sand in your facial oriphi (is that a word??). And then Dan and I tried to sneak off to VA beach for a little weekend trip. Again, I was freezing to death in the friggin arctic wind that was blasting us. Plus there were about a million people there. Not fun.

So last week we packed up and headed out for one final attempt at a beach day before Evan goes to camp and the Fourth of July rush hits. I thought it might be just the way to frost my horrific cake of a week. I should have listened to the little voice in me saying.. just DON'T leave your house today.. better yet.. DON'T leave your bed!

I can't name names, and there are SO many fun details I'd love to expand upon, but really, I had better keep most to myself. Here are the highlights:

  • One late start (I hate leaving after 8:30am)
  • A poopy in the car on the way down.
  • Rice crispy treats packed for food FOR THE DAY for two of the children (not my fault!!)
  • Two kids with autism arguing the semantics of space exploration for at least an hour straight (again.. this is just on the way down)
  • A peepee in the car seat on the way down.
  • A MISSING car seat - I just can't even get into this one, probably ever.
  • One missing child in the bathroom at the beach, can we say panic??
  • One hour of glorious beach and swimming time with friends we dearly love followed by:
  • One massive lightening storm
  • Five crying, starving and whining kids
  • One really great friend with bread and ham to pacify two of above children (thank you!)
  • One run-away swimming into the ocean and claiming he won't get struck by lightening.
  • One van so close to being out of gas on the way home that I started to pray.
  • One lost shovel.
  • One very tired and cranky crew, home two hours early and no absolution for the week gained, whatsoever.
So that's it! I felt like it was possibly the worst day this year to date. But you know what? When I talked to my friend, who's kids tagged along with us, she said they had an amazing time and loved it all! That really made me stop and think hard about my attitude and the fact that I've forgotten lately to focus on the positive. It comes so easily to kids most of the time. They are so easily amused and entertained by the smallest of efforts on our part. I need to be more like that.

Here's to next week and our next attempt at the beach!


Myrna Foster said...

I'd have been panicking about the lost child too.

I have two words for you (every time you talk about going to the beach and especially when you post pics): beach envy. I don't think I'll ever forget the picture you posted of Lydie holding the bitty shark she'd found. I made the mistake of showing it to Dax, and he made me feel good and guilty about his never having seen the ocean. *sigh* One of these days . . .

jennygranola said...

Holy cow! You're only 5 hours away from the beach Myrna! I drove to the beach in LA several times while I lived in St George just because I was needing that seaside fix. Get up early one morning and surprise them :) They'll never forget it! Oh.. but don't forget sunblock, a chair for you, a shovel or two and bags for junk they find. It helps to check the weather too!