Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chicken and Snake Update

Many of you have asked how Evan is doing now. I'm happy to report that after his first attempt at taming a wild beast (and failing said attempt) Evan is doing great. His had is back to normal except for a funny bump at the actual puncture site and some slight discoloration. It looks like there won't be any tissue or nerve damage. Hooray!

<-- (Evan decided that Goldie needed a bedtime story.)

Currently, he's on the Father & Son Camp Out with his daddy and he reported back last night via text to say "Camp is good Mom". I told him if he tried to pet another snake ever he was grounded for life. I'm not sure he knows exactly what that means but I made my face very stern and I think he got the point. Hopefully they made it through the camp out critter free.

Speaking of critters, the chickens are doing well. Lydia has renamed our two smallest ones. She seems to be on a Native American kick... Cadbury the Easter Egger is now "Little Rock Daisy" (???????) and Cheetah is now "Tiny Runner Bird". I wonder what this child dreams of at night.

Also, they can now fly out of their little home and the smell is starting to turn even my iron stomach (hmm.. now I think of it, this might be a great new diet! Make your house smell so bad you don't want to eat EVER!) So our dear friend has agreed to lend us her "not yet grown up outside hen box". It's like a chicken condo only Fort Knox style. I'm so excited!! The girls are moving out!!! Now, does anyone know if a guinea pig can survive in a rabbit hutch in the summer outside?? Hmmmm.

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